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Whistleblower Week In Washington (May 12-16 2008)
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Last year, over forty courageous individuals testified before a panel composed of Members of Congress and prominent civil and human rights activist. A transcript of the testimonies will be presented to Congress. To participate in the NO FEAR Tribunal, please send your statement to: HYPERLINK "mailto:nofearinstitute@aol.com" nofearinstitute@aol.com by April 30th.

Purpose of the Tribunal: A fact-finding hearing to gather information about allegations of mismanagement and/or wrongdoings related to blatant discrimination and reprisal against whistleblowers.

Statements: Must be chronologically and orderly written. Choose points that have policy relevance to current legislation, No Fear Act II Bill, Congressional Disclosure Act (CDA H.R. 4650), and Civil Rights Tax Relief Bill (HR 1540).

Oral statements: no more than five double-space pages. Only those persons selected to give a testimony need to submit an oral statement. Oral statements can be paraphrased or a summary of your longer, written statement. Place your summary points upfront and highlight key points. Statements should convey facts, contain original analysis and clearly state a position. Selection will be made from your one page proposal submitted before April 30, 2008.

Section One: Start your story with your bio. The length of the bio should be no more than of a page. The bio should include your name, state, employment position, current employment status and academic credentials.

Section Two: This section of your testimony should describe your reported injury or violation. What was the injury the result in filing an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint or whistleblower complaint? For example, you filed an EEO complaint based on race, sex, sexual harassment, etc. You filed a Whistleblower complaint based on what violation? Where did you file your complaint? Was the complaint filed within your current or former agency or outside of your current or former agency, i.e. EEOC, U.S. District Court, Federal.

Section Three: Type of reprisal/retaliation you were subjected to; for example, you received a letter of reprimand; you were harassed; you were put on suspension, you were fired from your job; or, you were forced to resign or forced out on retirement.
Section Four: What is the current status of your EEO complaint/lawsuit/whistleblower complaint?

Section Five: What bill or legislation will address your situation, for example, Congressional Disclosure Act H.R. 4650, US Civil Rights Tax Relief Act, H.R. 1540 and/or the No Fear II Bill (to be introduced by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee by mid-April).

Note: To avoid defamation, remove all names of supervisors and managers. Use the term management.

Rev. Walter Fauntroy suggest that you consider the following points of persuasion in your presentation:

Below are the 5 steps of persuasion Rev. Walter Fauntroy recommends for preparing a one page statement for oral testimony. Per Rev. Fauntroy request, he has used this format when giving congressional testimony. This format has worked for him and other Members of Congress. We would strongly recommend that you consider the points of persuasion below.
Selection Director ( No FEAR Coalition)

Tips: Five Steps of Persuasion for a Testimony
Step 1: A Get their ATTENTION
Step 2: N Show them a NEED
Step 3: S Show them how the need is SATISFIED
Step 4: V Give them a VISION of the need being satisfied
Step 5: A Ask them to take an ACTION
Your purpose is to get legislation to protect you. Keep your eye on the ball.
For efficiency, Whistleblower Week3 is to get legislation passed. Prepare your five minute statement using the A N S V A format and send it in for review. Submit an attached addendum to your one page statement that will elaborate the points made in your testimony.
Oral & Written Statement Outline
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